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Background artwork for 101 Dalmatians (x)

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Background Art for Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Production Designer’s Notebook #003

Whenever I start a new location design (in this case, a typical scene in the jungle) I do extensive thumbnails exploring different staging and composition before settling on an image to design in more detail. My goal is to search for compositions that capture the mood and feel unique to the project. The directors and I will sit and discuss the possibilities, choose a few that we like, and then take them further with color and texture.

These are were all done in one afternoon on 8.5 x 11 paper with graphite.

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05 Apr 14 at 4 pm

The Art of Dreamworks Animation | Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Unfortunately the book doesn’t name who created any of the artwork, if anyone could message me I will happily source correctly. 

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Backgrounds for Minkyu Lee’s short film Adam and Dog

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A few more Townsville shots from Dance Pantsed!

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How to Train Your Dragon concept art, illustrated by Mike Yamada (PArt 2 of 2).

1-2) Here’s another few sketches of the town. Originally it was conceived that each “class” of vikings would live in their own neighborhoods and have different types of houses

3-4) Follow the Dragons Tears - These drawings were from a sequence that ended up not making it. I was really proud of the work the layout department and everyone did on it. It involved a camera move and several rock outcroppings would parallax into the shape of a dragon, kind of like the sequence in The Road to Eldorado with the weeping statue/waterfall. These are both powdered graphite on animation paper. The top image was painted over a bit in ps

5) Down the River - Nothing too special about this one. Hiccup was to fall in this river and wash away. Once again graphite on animation paper. I had some fun and hid some weird things at the bottom of the river - shopping carts, mob bosses with cement shoes, etc

6) Olde Viking Shoppes - A sketch for some village shops. A blacksmith, a butcher and perhaps a candlestick maker?

7) Bridge to the Docks - My boss created some of the largest and most intricate drawings I had ever seen. I had the chance to try my hand at it and this was the second panel of the drawing. I was looking at the Asterix comics for tone and a sense of fun.

8-9) Back to Basics - I found these guys while I was digging around in folders. I did quite a few drawings like the top rock page (they were rejected because it looked a bit like a dog poop). I think they’re a good reminder of thinking about the simple basic things - the top image with the grid/form overlay and the bottom with the plotted perspective. I take a lot of that for granted now that I have Maya

10) An old, incomplete painting from “How to Train your Dragon.” In an earlier version of the story, the kids are taken to a training ground high up on the island and they spend the night in a rickety old cabin. I started this painting with a rough marker and pencil sketch to establish the design. I added rough color in photoshop using color balance and then painted and dropped a few textures on top

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