lov yaz bbz

anyway. was just merrily scrolling through the artists confessions tumblr and brosef srsly, the amount of people upset that ‘rinkydink45 iz gettin so many views but her art is awful’ (i’m sorry if your dA name is actually rinkydink45 i just chose an example from my head)

that is not art loving guys. art is not about how many views you get compared to whoevs.devart.net or whatevs, how much money someone pays you, and ESPECIALLY not about slamming other artists for being terrible. i admit, i look at many artist on dA and think ‘you are awful, how did you get so many views?’ but honestly, it is all just a matter of taste. if you can see it is bad art, you clearly have some measure of artistic talent or skill. and if you KNOW you are better than them, who cares how many views they’ve got. in the end, dA is not the be all and end all in the art industry is it? no. just draw and make art for yourself. sure, post it on the internet if you want to share, thank God for every view and comment you get. Because no one owes you anything my little sunshine bellflower. they took time out of their day to like/reblog/comment on/simply view your art, and you should appreciate that. 

and remember, there is something that YOU can bring to the art world that no one else can.

on a little sidenote (which is frickin’ awesome yo) after abandoning pottermore after a bit of beta testing, i came back today to realise i have the same make of wand as voldemort, which, you know, was pretty damn exciting. harry potter wiki told me 'What is certain is that the yew wand never chooses either a mediocre or a timid owner.' pretty exciting, made my day, etc.

also, my fam is now split housewise. mum and bro in gryff, me and father in ravenclaw. best rare house of beautiful rare creatures jk

followers, i love you guys. thank you so much for viewing and following. sorry for ranting, but i want people to love themselves and love their art, and you can’t do that until you respect other artists and appreciate the views man, srsly.

LOVE FOOD. LOVE ART. LOVE LIFE. (and for some of you) LOVE JESUS. yes mayte


  1. whatjamesdrawws said: wow skimming through that blog and wow it’s really painful, the people are just very one dimensional with there submissions. it’s like a condensed collection of posts of the audience of deviantart that lowers the expectations of the site.
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